Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well, the other day in class Beth divided us into groups and gave each group a random word from one of the class’s text books. My group was given the word ‘intent’. We were then given loads of newspaper and told to find, create, or do something with the newspaper regarding our word. My group decided that we should take our word ‘intent’ and turn it into ‘intentions’. We then decided to take a different approach and used the newspaper to create objects that represented good intentions and bad intentions. We felt like this was a different approach because we were not using the newspaper in its typical way. That being read or viewed. We simply used it as a tool to create objects that represented an idea. I decided to create a gun. A gun represents good intentions and bad intentions because it can be use for both. A guns bad intentions are obvious. Vandalism, robbery, and murder are just a few of the bad intentions people may have while holding a gun. However: sport, home defense, self defense, hunting or just a stress reliever are examples of good intentions that people may have while holding a gun. After creating the gun from newspaper and tape, I then searched the paper for key words and terms that made me think of a gun. The words and terms that I placed on the gun were: Hero, Serious Injuries, Respect, Soldier’s Grave, War, Fire, KIA, and Sleep Better Tonight. I also made a removable ammo clip for the gun, and on this I placed the word Clip from a hair cut add. My favorites were Sleep Better Tonight which was found off of a bed add. Sleep Better Tonight represents the idea and good intension of home defense. My other favorite was KIA. This was of course an ad for the KIA car company. However in the military K.I.A. stands for Killed In Action. This represents the bad intension of War and Killing with a gun. Overall I’m very happy with the way my project turned out. I believe it’s a good onion project because it took newspaper that is usually read to receive a message and it was turned into an object that visually sends a message. It does have words on it but the message is still clear without them. When I presented it in class I saw a lot of people looking at it with big eyes because they thought it was cool and they seemed to have a good view of guns. They perhaps feel that most people that own them may have good intentions. While there were some others that had a slight look of worry on their face. These people probably view guns as bad objects and think that most people that own them may have bad intentions. There is no way to validate any of what I just said but that is just the feeling I got from people when I was presenting it to the class.

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