Monday, April 14, 2008


As I was playing some video games I was thinking about what I should do for my connections project. I then decided to do it on the very video game I was playing. I was attempting to put together a short video piece but my computer is on the fritz, so I figured blogging about it would be better than nothing at all. Lets start from the beginning. You must first plug AKA connect your power cable to the outlet and then connect it into the back of your X-box. You must then connect the other cables to your TV. I then grabbed the remote to the TV and made a signal connection to turn it on. As I pressed the buttons of the X-box controller I was making little connections that were then sending signals to the brain of the box to display my actions on screen. I then connected to X-box Live which allows you to play with other players all over the world. I was playing with my friends for a while and then realized that the word connections can resemble more than just a physical connection. I was making emotional connections with the people I was playing with. My team and I would make emotional connections when we were talking about movies, games, girls and all kinds of other shit. And I was also making emotional connections with the other team’s players when I would kill them or when they killed me. And that brings up another form of connections. I was making tons of virtual connections when I was shooting, stabbing, and blowing up the other team’s players. For example, when a bullet hits someone in the face, there is definitely a connection there. I then though about connections in a wider view and determined that everything we do involves connections. Even the natural laws of Mother Nature involve connections of some sort or another.

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