Sunday, March 16, 2008

Midterm Questions

What has been the single best aspect of this class thus far?

The single best aspect of the class would have to be how different it is from any other class I have ever taken. I truly never know what we will do each week and I enjoy the spontaneous aspect of the class.

What is the single most important thing you want to walk away with from this class?

I want to experience a different type of media or see a type of media but in a different way. I want to be exposed to something new, interesting and exciting! I want to understand things that in the past I would have quickly turned a shoulder to. And besides all that I’m honestly not sure what I want to walk away with.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Well my girlfriend came home on Thursday and I told her about this assignment. She could not really come up with any good ideas ether. We went to Wal-Mart that night because I wanted to get Beowulf on HD DVD. While we were there we got all kinds of snacks, one of which were Jelly Bellies. We started the movie when we got home and popped open the snacks. We had the lights out and the movie up loud. As I was eating the Jelly Bellies I realized that I was having a real hard time telling what flavor it was by just the taste alone. After eating about 10 beans and really focusing on trying to determine what flavor they were I put the movie on pause and turned the lights on. I was talking with Ashley about it and we decided to test each other. We took turns putting random beans in each others mouths. We were not aloud to see or smell it before. While we would both get a couple right from time to time for the most part we were getting stumped. It was one of those times when you knew what it was and the answer was on the tip of your tong but you just could not come up with the answer. All you would need is to see the color of the bean to give you the last little bit to push the answer out. We would give each other the answers and we would both say “ahhhh!!! I knew that’s what it was!!!” I determined that identifying something with a single sense can be very hard. Especially if you’re talking about Jelly Bellies!