Monday, January 28, 2008

What if...?

What if…?

1) What if… people always walked on their hands?
2) What if… we were not the smartest creatures on Earth?
3) What if… a zombie outbreak really did happen?
4) What if… we are in the Matrix!?
5) What if… you had to choose between using the phone or a TV for the rest of your life?
6) What if… aliens really shot John F Kennedy?
7) What if… our stuffed animals came alive at night?
8) What if… pictures really did capture our souls?
9) What if… in the future, cars are obsolete?
10) What if… our hair grew as fast as grass?
11) What if… light bulbs caused skin cancer?
12) What if… global warming becomes global colding and the Earth freezes?
13) What if… there were wild people that attacked domesticated dogs?
14) What if …superheroes were real?
15) What if… everyone picked the cereal pieces out of Lucky Charms and left the marshmallows?
16) What if… babies were born with retail tags on them?
17) What if… Pretzels had sugar on them instead of salt?
18) What if… the world imploded?
19) What if… laptops had teeth?
20) What if… dust mites could grow as big as bunnies?
21) What if… Jesus returned tomorrow?
22) What if… we sneezed fire?
23) What if… you had to be talking to stay awake?
24) What if… windows were 100% transparent?
25) What if… you won a trillion dollars?
26) What if… opposites didn’t attract?
27) What if… you knew you only had one week to live?
28) What if… Pokemon battled the X-Men and the Pokemons won only to then be defeated by the Smurfs!?
29) What if… our blood was neon green like the Predators?
30) What if… 9/11 never happened?
31) What if… it rained nacho cheese?
32) What if… time only passed when you were having fun?
33) What if… you dropped a Mentos factory on top of a Diet Coke factory?
34) What if… you were elected president and your assistant wanted to blow you?
35) What if… Arnold becomes president but he really is still the Terminator and then the machines take over our country and then the world?
36) What if… you fall in love with the person you hate most?
37) What if… for one day each year all girls were guys and all guys were girls?
38) What if… you had webbed fingers and toes?
39) What if… you were taken hostage in a bank robbery and the robbers had already killed 2 people?
40) What if… snow was hot?
41) What if… fat was hard and muscle was soft?
42) What if… you were a cop for a week?
43) What if… your knees bent the other way?
44) What if… you could only use one of your senses at a time?
45) What if… your tongue was black?
46) What if… humans had tails?
47) What if… your tears tasted like Dr. Pepper?
48) What if… money was made of chocolate?
49) What if… you were born an elderly person and got younger as time went on?
50) What if… stupidity was contagious?... or is it already!