Monday, February 18, 2008

Day to Day Blog

Tuesday 2/12/08
Today I was moved in my N240 script writing class. Our teacher was talking to us about being successful and I raised my hand and asked her if she thought she was successful? She took what I had asked completely the wrong way. I was asking her because she had stated that she does not think that money determines ones success. She told us that she turned down a job that was paying $125,000 a year because they wanted her to tell a lie to the press. I simply wanted to know if she was happy with her decision and if she thought she was successful today. She thought I was trying to be a smart ass and took the question as disrespect. We then went on back and forth for about 30min until we determined that I met no disrespect to her and that if she is willing to put her personal stories out there than she has to be willing to take some criticism and questions.

Wednesday 2/13/08
Today my girlfriend came home from Purdue. Her birthday is on the 14th and she decided to skip her classes and come home early. It was a nice surprise because I was having a shitty day. We hung out until about 2am.

Thursday 2/14/08
Today is my girlfriend’s birthday and also the Tech Olympics at work. I work at the Indiana Department of Education. Every once and awhile we will have an event day for the DOE staff to kinda help us relax and have fun at work. Today is the Tech Olympics. We had 3 wii’s hooked up and you could sign up for different events that were happening through out the day. I signed up for bowling and boxing. I won the gold medal in bowing and I ended up letting a lady take my place in boxing because she had not played in any events all day. Its was a really fun time. I don’t remember a work day that has gone by so fast. It was a much needed break from the normal daily routine.

Friday 2/15/08
Today we celebrated Ashley’s (my girlfriend) birthday. We waited an extra day because she turned 21 this year. I’m surprised I can even write this because I feel like crap today. Anyways, last night we went out to the bars. Ashley had about 8 shots and a few drinks as well. Man was she wasted. Keep in mind she only weighs about 125 pounds. My friend Jonathan then insisted that we go to this Salsa club. Its was a lot of fun. It was such a different experience. Ashley and I were probably the only white people in there and Jonathan was probably the only black person. I was cool to see a club that is modeled after a completely different culture that what I’m use to. We had a great time dancing (or should I say holding each other up) until 3 in the morning.

Saturday 2/16/08
Today has been a recuperation day. So far I have just been sitting back and playing some Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 with Jonathan. I have been very relaxing. Days like this definitely move me because I don’t get them very often anymore. Everyone including me just seem to be so busy all the time. It’s nice to just sit back and say fuck work, school, bills, and anything else that can be stressful and just chill out for a day.

Sunday 2/17/08
Well Ashley headed back up to school today. I need to take care of some homework that I have been pushing off for some time. I think I might take my work out in the backyard today because its so nice outside today. I thinks its in the 60’s! Its crazy what a breath of cool fresh air will do to you after you have been cooped up in the house for a while.

Monday 2/18/08
Wow, yesterday it was so nice outside. I ended up tossing the football around w/ a friend and worked on my car a little as well. But today…its snowing. I cant believe it. Indiana gives us a taste of spring and then rips it away from us! … what a bitch!

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